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u4ic Brewing, Incorporated
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated11 hours ago
It's going to be another beautiful day! 74 and sunny to be exact! We have extended our hours from noon to 11 today, so you have plenty of time to come and enjoy yourself at the brewery during this holiday weekend. The Twins game will be on and MN Wing King will be serving up their street taco special. Come enjoy the day with us!
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated24 hours ago
Crowlers are now on display! All beers are available in crowlers. Mix and Match!
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated1 day ago
What a beautiful morning! Today our Blueberry Kolsch is back on tap, along with the debut of our Peach Kolsch! Brewer Jeff said he tried mixing them 50/50 in a glass this morning and thought it was so good, that we should suggest it. MN Wing King will be serving their burgers today for the last time until next fall, so if this is your fav you better stop down and get one. Feature beer is Belle Plaine Irish Red for $4 a pint, we're open from noon to 11. Come see us on this beautiful day!
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated
u4ic Brewing, Incorporated2 days ago
Yay, it's Friday! Don't forget today and tomorrow are the last 2 days to get burgers from MN Wing King, he will be pulling the grill portion of his trailer as he prepares for his summer season. He will be at the brewery through June 9, but just won't be serving burgers. Also, if you need crowlers for the upcoming holiday weekend, we are open from 4 to 11 today, stop by and pick'em up. Also, a reminder, we are staying open until 11 on Sunday night, but we are closed for Memorial Day.